The Super Channel by Ettore

Anybody using this?

I have two Super System handl

I use a 22, 18 and 14…love’em
get them

I can not say from personal experience, but for what it’s worth I have HEARD that they

PLUS, use any rubber you like and is interchangeable with other handles.
Saves money, works great, interchangeability…why not. Chris and Alex sell them, buy’em!

14"? Where did you get one smaller than 18"? I need to replace a 14", 12", 8" and 6"

Matt whacked his off. (insert your own joke)


I bought 2 36inch channels and cut them to my desired lengths.
I have two of each size just in case I loose one or something.

I’m going to buy that Alumax channel next and give that a try, but I don’t see Alex or Chris selling that channel in 36inch.

We have the 36" Channel…

You not seeing it in the store was a little glitch we worked out today. There are a few other outstanding glitches… If you happen to need something you dont see… let me know.


Do they fit in an Ettore boab?


Yep they fit!

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Someone said they made the channel wider on the new Ettore boab. How much wider I don’t know. My Sörbo do not fit in. Will the Sörbo fit in the new Ettore boab? :eek:


I think it will… not positive… what sorbo channel do you use?

Cobra I think¿

Not Cöbra¿

Spanish keyboard! ?¿?¿?¿?¿ñ

Quicksilver channels fit Cobras do not.