The Wasted Guarantee

I am always looking at window cleaning companies ads from all over the world. There is one thing that I have seen more and more companies grab on to- the wasted guarantee.

Here is an exact cut and paste of what I am talking about:

[B]We promise that no other window cleaning company will clean your windows better than __________.[/B]

or my favorite:

[B]The best window cleaning you ever had, guaranteed[/B]

What a waste and how “me” focused can they be. These guarantees really do not guarantee anything. Is the homeowner going to have 5 different companies come out to test if they are the best? Now define “best” on a global level. What do the customers get if they are not the best?

Too many companies assume that the prospects have already had a bad experience with another company. Since most of my new clients have never had their windows cleaned or simply “lost touch” with the last company, where are they getting this insight?

If more companies focused on the prospects and less on their image and insecurity, they would be kickin arse.

If you decide to guarantee, be sure to guarantee something meaningful and easily understandable.

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I agree…don’t be a BOOB :smiley:

Good thread Paul. Nice to see you back with a vengeance.

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I have been debating posting a big ole CFP marketing insight thread.

I think I will do it this week

I just received a flier from a local competitor claiming to be the “most reliable and effective cleaning service available”. What a bunch of B.S.