These windows no longer look GOLDEN!

Have passed by these windows for years and have noticed them severely deterioate over these past years. They used to all have a golden shine to them and looked great. Now, as you can see in the attached pic, they have faded and are looking horrible. It appears as if there is a tint on the inside of the windows but is really tough to tell. Could this be a tint that has faded or could it be the actual glass that has taken abuse facing west from the setting sun? Or…could we bring these windows “back to life” with a lil’ special polish? :confused: I’ll be speaking with the guy who runs this place early next week about this and wanted to at least have a few ideas what could be going on here?

Anybody on WCR have experience with this happening and provide any input? Thanks!

ANYBODY wanna share some thoughts or opinions on these windows? Even if it’s nothing? :slight_smile:

If I’m just guessing, Tim, I’d say failed tint or coating of some sort

That’s what I’m guessin. Looks pretty bad.
Thanks for the feedback Larry!

I agree, something going on with the tint and/or the adhesive.

Perhaps they applied it incorrectly, because the middle row is all the same; seems odd if its all just bad tint.

Or perhaps they are actually trying for the “dilapidated factory look”.

I have seen glass companies replacing the same type in downtown Dallas earlier this year.

I don’t think they are repairable.