Thin Blooded

Here in ‘Sunny Florida’ we have recently had a ‘cold snap’. :o

Those of us who live here have acclimated to the heat and find cold somewhat hard to cope with. Our temps have dropped below 45* for night-time temps and rising to mid-60’s for the day-time high. brrrrrr

what I find amusing is how, at these lower temps, you cold weather guys would be out in shorts and MAYBE long sleeved shirts.

However, we are out in full length jackets, hoods, scarves, gloves… we look like Eskimo’s.

while many of you today will have to add something to your water to prevent ice…MY issue is finding some shoes other than flip-flops.

Conversely, in June I can hang while the same cold temp guys find it hard the take their next breath.

Its snowing here today, however someone left the heat in the office on over night so im sweating. I just sent out a scathing email to the staff, warning them all to pack sweaters because we wont be using the heat anymore if people cant turn the heat off at night.

I thought the email would make me feel better, but I just feel guilty.

My drinking water did not thaw out all day yesterday even though it was in the sun. Hmm. Maybe it is time to add something to prevent freezing:eek:

Thats a good one, Phil.

I went down to the “Outer Banks” of NC a few years back with some friends to surf (very little surfing; mostly wiping out occurred), and we laughed at the locals in their coats and scarves as we splashed around in our bathing suits in the ocean. We were cold, since it was late fall, but not freezing, like them.

We have some pics of us with them, since the contrast was so extreme…

[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3]Shop on line at LL Bean they have everything you need.[/SIZE][/FONT]

Its called acclimatisation. When you go on a 2 week holiday, it only takes men 1 week to acclimatise whereas women take 2. Now you know why everywhere you go women are always too cold, too hot etc. Now leave them in any one place for a fortnight & they might stop moaning.

man i feel guilty, i was actually sweating my butt off yesterday working while the majority of the guys are freezing. Im actually dreding the time where i have to wear jeans to work instead of cargo shorts.

Kevin bro, i didnt no you have the itch to surf? im actually heading out to Canada on a surf trip next year. Out to Vancouver Island the tofino area. Cant wait!!!

Yes, I have many itches!

I like to pretend that I went on a “surf trip”, since that was its purpose, but to be honest, we were all terrible, and just looked silly for 2 days.

It WAS fun, though. I’d like to give it another go…

Have fun in Vancouver! I’ve never been that far west, in Canada.

dude! it was cold, but I still put on a shirt and some shorts…I do like to break-dance while I clean windows so that keeps me warm :smiley:

This is so Matt…



stay warm.