Things you can do w/ an Ettore Super Channel

I see alot of talk from about being able to use his channels forward and backward. It got me thinking - can the Super channel do this also? Guess what? It can. On a few windows yesterday I did a straight pull in one direction and then slid the channel down the side and went backwards. Worked great.
I guess the moral of the story is - You Don’t Need A!

Good point Tony, Good Point!!

Did you catch that on video?

I’ll be doing a video this week doing a few things w/ the Ettore that says his will do. I’ll send it to you for the site when I get it done!:wink:

YEP! I do it all the time…maybe in a hurry and I feel the rubber burning out, so instead of stopping and loosing rhythm I just flip the channel around…a little different angle, but not much. If you’re on a tight schedule then stopping to pull the rubber out and flip it can be a pain, so flipping the channel is much much easier.

And the award goes to…TONY!!! Thats why we love you man!!

Did you use the second slot Tony?

Does Super Channels take regular rubber ?

I’m WCR store now and want to order one but don’t know if need special rubber for it

Linda - I’d like to thank the Academy!:wink:

Karl - Funny, very funny.:smiley:

Carlos - The Super Channel uses any standard rubber IE Ettore, Steccone, Unger, Pulex, or Wagtail.:slight_smile:

Thanks Tony, I was waiting for someone to chime in before I place the order :slight_smile:

I was actually trying to perfect this with a Unger ErgoTec squeegee today. It works, but there is a very fine line before it starts to leave water.

I know why didn’t have much suds in his water at the booth…

It’s a LOT harder to notice mistakes when there’s no suds - but they were there.

I tried the technique w/ my wife’s Steccone channels and it works but it’s tough to get the angle right. If you’re not careful the channel contacts the glass. There is just enough extra “meat” on the back of the wide body channels to avoid this.


// Super Channel Tricks - YouTube

Thanks for putting up the video Chris!

you look so warm…I want to hug you

Umm, you mean in a manly way right?:stuck_out_tongue:

Cough cough…yea… Hugging with beer and tools

There’s a crossed swords joke in here somewhere…

This is why belonging to forums in an industry is important. Learned you can pole down today. Never even thought of it. I could have used this on friday. I was up on the 3rd floor of a stack of windows. I tried to reach the 2nd window on the way down but the ladder was too far away and my arms are way too short. I could have got a short pole and finished both the windows. But nope, cause I had no idea you could do this. I had to pull off the ladder and lower it. TIME TIME TIME AUGHHH.

I was thinking… With the ettore contour pro + locked out, You could do the same thing eh? Go in either direction.