This from Pella!?

Kind of amazed at Pella Windows suggestions here…

How to wash windows and screens | Pella Pressroom

What was so surprising? These recommendations are kind of standard with most manufacturers, now.

Because these two items -

• Wipe up cleaner promptly to keep it from settling into the glass and frame junction, which could potentially weaken the seal.

• Never use a razor blade to scrape off stubborn materials and use care if using a squeegee. Doing so may leave permanent marks on the glass or scratches that could cause glass breakage.

Mostly why I still use Dawn. I see plenty of double paned windows that are fogged or have moisture from compromised seals. Who knows exactly why that is, but using a simple soap/water solution I feel comfortable it’s not me.

Razors are used industry wide for paint, bug and bird dirt, certain hard water deposits, etc.

That’s all.

Now that you mention it, that first one did kind of stand out. I don’t think I’ve seen that mentioned by any other manufacturers. Good reason to avoid cleaners with a strong pH, when you can help it.

No one wants to take responsibility for their low quality tempered glass, and trying to explain the finer points of cleaning exposed low-e to the typical consumer is probably more trouble than it’s worth. So I can see the reasons for their other recommendations. Glad we know a little better, though.

It’s ridiculous to think that people who buy Pellas would even take the time to clean their own windows.

My gut tells me they know this. This is written to protect themselves in the event of a window cleaner scratching the windows and the home owners wants to go after Pella. this way they can just say, “it sates in our care for instruction…”. this way they are not liable for failed seals and scratched glass do to fabricating debris issues cause by them. Again just my initial gut instinct.

Has anyone honestly looked at the instruction manual for anything in their house? Microwave: push buttons until something happens. Washer: turn the dial, push a button. Windows: grab something from under the sink and spray.

Pella has some beautiful products, some great innovations, but I don’t want them in my house.

No matter how easy Pella makes it to understand a simple way to clean their windows, the fact that they are some of the least user-friendly products on the market nullifies it all.

They are just trying to sell it as a low maintenance product. Not true!

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