This guy is psycho

Thats hardcore!

Hardcore stupid…

That music angers me. Oh… and that guy should invest in a wfp.


If only gutters were that strong in my area.

It had a lot of replies on the English forums, either it was stupidity or unsafe. Have to give the guy his due though - he was rapid. Hope he’s still breathing?

Ah, yeah – I’d let someone like that on my property…

I have a headache from that music

the quality suffers wen going that fast, i would do that with commercials but not residentials. and id be on ladders.


Hell boys, I’d hire that guy. I’d get a load more General Liability and put him to work.

Nah, I wouldn’t, on second thought.

Gutters are never really that strong for very long. His speed was impressive, but he is surely missing something. And, when do you ever find glass that doesn’t need any scraping at all…I mean come on.

Thanks for sharing that.

Awesome but definitely dangerous with most of the Gutters/Eves-troughs I’ve seen and cleaned

I think he can squeegee faster than using a wfp

He could fall pretty fast, too.

I always liked the quote “insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result”. I think in this case it would be “insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting the same result”.

It might look cutesy for the camera but I think he’s just a nutter! If I ever tried something like that I’d better not come down from the roof or my wife would kill me!

let’s send the video to his insurance agent :slight_smile:

what a kook, but we must be related because he’s got some big balls…

What insurance agent??:slight_smile: