This may get you out of a ticket.. In case your trucks get stopped by a cop

I own a home and pay my taxes, that should be, strike that, it [U]IS[/U] more than enough!!!

On top of that, I dont do anything that would lead to being pulled over or getting a ticket. You should be encouraging people to obey the laws instead of telling them how to get away with breaking the law. How is that any different than a cash bribe?

I always thought these stickers made you MORE of a target… As someone who used to drive tow truck it seemed I was always picking up cars where the druggies, drunks etc would slap one of these types of stickers on the back in attempt to suck up to the cops.

JC- get off your high horse…, we’re all guilty of exceeding the speed limit. Even by 5mph. You don’t need me to “encourage” any type of behavior. People do what they do… Know what I mean?

Bunker- not around where I live. These are only given to family members and friends, so if its a minor infraction your more likely to get a warning. I mean some folks are holier than thou, but when they do get pulled for a minor infraction they can expect to pay the price.

So, family members and friends ARE holier than thou?

I’ve had plenty of cops offer me “get out of jail free” cards if I washed their house for free, I ALWAYS turned them down and then refused to work for what I considered to be a crooked cop. I know cops who regularly pull over contractors to tell them if they want to get out of the ticket they need to work for them (the cop) for free or for cost.

No, what do you mean?

Are you threatening me? Your words could easily be taken that way… Know what I mean?

First, as a retired police officer, I’m offended that you think it’s ok to pass these stickers out to any one and everyone. They are a privilege to have and the privilege should not be abused.

Second, in my area they was noFOP or police benevolent society. They have a very bad reputation where I come from.

Same here…we never cared if you gave to a benevolent fund or a union. It’s as good as a AARP sticker on your car here…doesn’t get you out of anything.

JC- if you take that as a threat, your a douche. Good talking to you though.

at least I’m not a crooked cop encouraging people to break the law

Okay Im confused… but 100% of the time just be polite with the officer, i get tons of warnings…they get enough people being jerks to them

Plenty of cops have attempted to bribe you? I’ve never once been asked, nor have heard of any other contractors being asked to do work to get out of a ticket. And you’ve had plenty? Strange.

John K Wyatt
All Washed Up Window Cleaning

East coast cops are more corrupt. When I lived out west cops were just guys doing a job, out here they seem to be on a power trip and want to be considered entitled to freebies for doing their jobs. Its NOT all of them, but it is enough of them and it should be NONE of them that way


That’s not true… The corruptness doesn’t fall on east coast or west coast lines… There are bad apples in every bunch. I’ve never heard of cops extorting contractors either…

Which stickers are these? There’s no pictures but I’m assuming you’re talking about the colored bears? Different colors for different branches?

Colored bears? Like the Grateful Dead bears? That’s why I don’t get tickets!!

When I think back to the Eureka Stockade and how corrupt the cops were to the diggers/miners, beating men, denying our natural rights, tearing down the Eureka flag and still to this day not much has changed, they still act like dictators as always.

I think cops are small minded. They are private contractors for the crown, nothing more. They don’t think of us as living breathing men and women, but as entities with contacts that can be forced to obey!

Well I have news for them. I know exactly who I am. So should you.

Rant over :wink: