This mornings job

Had a small condo unit this morning, exterior only.

Window count…
18, 1/1 double hung $8/each
1, small casement $5
2, French doors (pair) $9/pair
1, set of sliders $10
2, skylights $10/each
I also cleaned the screens and installed for the customer as well.

I think that’s the count, I don’t have the estimate in front of me as I post this.

The final price for the job came to $203, wondering how you guys would have priced this and if I’m too low or too high. It took me 2 hours to complete the job, so hourly I made what I believe the service is worth in quality and quantity.

Thanks guys

EDIT: oops, just read that it was exterior only. I wrote the following thinking it was for in & out.
Outside only would have been very close to your pricing.

I would have been around $300 for the windows listed. I’m only a couple hours from you. @wws is close to you, he may or may not be willing to share his thoughts on pricing.

Something I try and keep in mind when pricing, is not necessarily how long it would take me to clean, but how long it might have taken the average homeowner (and with how much difficulty?). Skylights are a quick $20/piece for me, as they often require additional risk/tricky ladder placements. Picture windows start at $15, even though they’re faster for me to clean than a double hung. It has to do with the value I’m delivering to the homeowner: a larger window, with more squeegee pulls/wiping with paper towels = more work for them. Put yourself in their shoes for a minute, and you’ll soon see the real value you are delivering :slight_smile:

I’m still new to the pricing game, the company I used to work for only had me do window counts… Didn’t really learn much about pricing, and the Cape Cod market is very different from the central mass market… $20 for skylights? Makes sense for sure though

The picture window was barely 2"x2"… $5 just exterior is low for that? Damn, guess I’m gonna have to step up my game a bit

Doing the work is one thing, pricing it accurately is a horse of a different color.

Read my edit note above :wink:

Ok ok, gotcha… I thought $8 exterior only for a double hung 1/1 was a good price… I figure outsides are about 75% of the work and to day in and out I tack on 25% of the exterior only price

That sound about right?

Yeah, sounds like you’ve got a good handle on pricing. I usually charge 60% for outside only, but mainly for my own mental health. If I have a nice outside only cleaning lined up for $300, that I know I can finish in under 2 hours with my WFP, I don’t want to get stuck doing the insides for $100, when I know it will add another 4 hours to the job. Even though I’d usually be ok with $400 for 6 hours of work. Kinda wacky how my brain works anyhow :wink:

Good price. I would be around $350 in/out, $210 exterior only (60%, like Alex mentioned).

All of these were done by hand, they had metal screens with some oxidation so I had to scrub with bronze wool on a few on them.

I’m still playing with the numbers as far as interior and exterior pricing go, I’ve been barely doing this 6 months on my own so far. Still making adjustments as needed and trying not to sell my service short. I feel that I offer a premium service, especially as I see and hear more about the “window cleaners” in my area and learn what sets my service apart from them.

Your price is right around what I charge

Wow, looks like I need to experiment with increasing my prices. I would be more like $125-out, $115-in, 2.50/screen, factor in dirtiness of windows, drive time and any thing else that’s extra challenging. (On interiors I usually figure between moving stuff, extra time for extra carefulness, etc. that its not worth charging much less). I’d sure like to reduce estimating time/technicality & increase margins…