This Weekends Kindle Winner

Thank you to all who participated! We appreciate your business and support. I wish I could give a prize to everyone… But there could only be one winner and that was [B]Aaron Jones[/B] of Anaheim, California.

Congrats Aaron, your Kindle is shipping out today.


Congrats, Aaron.

It was nice talking with you in Beverly Hills.

Well done Aaron!

Beverly Hills - you sound almost snooty, Larry. BTW - I saw Fish cleaning windows at 7 AM on Rodeo Drive.

“We offer the highest-value snoot in the Tri-County region. Call now for a free, no-obligation quote on the most Eco-friendly snoot available to mankind.”

Was the Fish employee a schmuck?

Wish we had spoken more, Mark. Will you be at Thad’s NOLA bash in April?

I just found out that I won it just now when my wife handed me the package! I was wondering why I was getting another package since all of my supplies had already arrived. I must have missed this thread.

Thank you so much Alex! I really appreciate it! I am definitely a reader and this is a great item!

No problem, thanks for your support.

Enjoy the Kindle!