Those who use QB Online

Hey guys,

I just noticed that QuickBooks Online has been waaaay over charging me. When I signed up, it was right at 19.00 a month.

Looking at my history, it was only 19.00 for a month or two when I first signed up, then went to 29.00 for a few months. Now, and for many many months in the past, they’ve been charging me 35.00 a month! No warning, no email notification, nothing.

They must have automatically upgraded me for the “plus” subscription that includes 3 user accounts and junk like that - stuff I don’t need. I just need the online basic plan, which is 9.00 a month.

I’ll be calling tomorrow, changing my plan to the 9.00 a month subscription and hopefully recouping some of my money. Just curious if anybody else has had similar problems.

how do you like your QB online?
I’m needing to get QB, so any advice would be helpful

same here…whats it like