Thoughts on keeping your window cleaning company lean

I like to keep things as lean as possible here… I guess I always have thought its easier to have more money by putting expenses instead of increasing sales.

Here is a pretty neat article on the topic.

The lean startup: How to stay lean when your company takes off | VentureBeat

Do you try and run lean? If so what are some things you have done to achieve it?

I think my way of running lean was learning to remove the “add on” services most of us strive to gain in the beginning. This year I know our Gross is down 30 percent, but our Net is up nearly 50%. We were staining homes as our biggest add on, but when you factor the cost of materials, insurance, unsupervised labor (slacking), we were bleeding pretty bad. So I would say weight the true costs associated with branching out, keeping busy does not necessarily mean your making money.

If by “lean” you mean “cheap”…then yes I am as cheap as they come.

Ha isn’t that the truth, there’s 100 mil+ companies that net less money than me:cool:

I can tell by looking at your van:rolleyes: