Thoughts on moving from land line to cell phone only

Wanted to know your guys thoughts on going from a land line to a cell phone for the business line. I understand the prefix denotes your window cleaning area with a land line. Do you feel it would give you more crediabilty than starting new terratories with a cell phone number. Right know as with most all calls are routed to the cell number for faster response. I also know with a cell your name doesnt appear on caller id. Or should we just advertize with both numbers.

I’ve never used a land line. If you want to make it easy, go to Its about $5 a month, you can pick local numbers, down to the town you’re in, and the calls forward straight to your cell.

I’ve used nothing but a cell for the last 4 years.

The above post about voip directed to my cell has me interested. Might be time for a 800 vanity number.

Definitely, I don’t have an 800, and couldn’t figure out a decent vanity number, but I think the toll free #s are like $25 a month, if my memory serves me right.

Try google numbers, they are free and you can pick the number provided it’s still available. As for toll free numbers- my webhost Hostgator gives me a toll free number if I want it with my plan. I just don’t want it because I use google instead. It’s free- it’s customizable, it can be forwarded to any other phone number- or multiple numbers and when they leave a voicemail- it gets automatically translated to text and I get an instant email AND a text message with the context of the message…(the google number that is)

I have nothing but a cell for ten years, and I have an 800 # which is forwarded to the cell phone

I have my cell and a goggle #, works for me.


Yep - Google # is where its at… We will be moving the WCR line over to one hopefully this winter. Right now the WCR line is a cell # that gets forwarded around depending on what we are doing. Its super handy…

speaking of 800#s what ever happened to that guy w/ the huge 1-800-WINDOWS on his truck? Wonder if he made it at his new location.

Gotta get running or I’d write you a ten paragraph testimonial on this but…

LOVE it. So many feautures… menus, unlimited extensions, and they are all so easy to use. You can even setup different menus for different times and days and different area codes and then SEE what menu options callers choose. Or, just get a number and have it forward to your office phone and cell phone like google voice does.

Do yourself a favor and at least check it out, I can get you a free month by referring you if you’d like. Just pm me

This - Cell for 9 years - Unlimited minutes 4 lines with a Netbook. Not happy about the $350 a month though :frowning: