Thoughts on vehicle lettering style

I have always advertised my business seriously. I have never used obnoxious colored lettering on my truck when I had my countertop shop. Now I have my Excursion with 361-WIN-DOWS down the side done in reflective tape. (like cop cars) I have my big windows and rear glass done with bright blue film with water drops. I have window cleaning on it (not as big as I wanted but my wife like what the moron at the sign company came up with) I have a naked guy on it an it says “no streaking” then commercial residential . (I do everything on my iPhone so Im not sure if I can put a pic up. If I can’t I have and ad on the corpus Christi craigslist under services, window cleaning obviously) ANYWHO… The passed 2 days I have had 2 people flag me down wanting to buy windows from me and have them installed…something I want to get into at a later date… but for now I will get to my question. You kind peoples thoughts on bright neon lettering on a vehicle is? That’s my question. I am thinking about peeling all that exspensive window film off and just put ,in bright stand out lettering " WINDOW CLEANING" each word 8-10 inches tall and 3.5 to 4 foot long. I always have thought it makes people look like a non legitimate company…however even the guy at the print shop said that my Excursion is so nice that I won’t look like just a Jo Shmo trying to make a buck. I would much rather just buy a large offroad cargo roof rack and build and bolt a sign on top, but right now I don’t have any of that fancy stuff people so commonly refer to as “money”. Or just not enough to spend 800 for the rack I want. ANYWHO (again) your thoughts? Neon would stand out a whole lot more andmake it easy to figure out the service I offer. Ohh well I know whichever way I go will be wrong. I will TRY to get a pic up. Thanks for batteling through this “quick question”

All I gotta say is slow down.

I got my company logo, with website, and phone number on both of my doors today.

If you wanna see a eye grabber, check out work of art window cleanings ride.

Slow down? Never! Unless you mean patient … then…never! I believe in blowing and going. I have a bright red 16 foot long 7 foot tall bright red enclosed trailer I plan on getting lettered pretty soon.

I prefer to cuddle a little afterwords.

Thanks alig, I relly appreciate the compliment.
361 bud it seems like you have your carriage in front of the horse. Maybe work on getting clients, impressing clients, then getting more work. Your reflective neon, in your face graphix might be a little too strong. Pace yourself, do your homework, and do it the best you can the first time.

I understand the point you both are trying to get across, however the way you get customers is be seen, advertise , flyers , door knocking , shaking hands , shirts , hats , cards , signs . Be seen and NOT forgotten. Nobody forgets me or my truck or any of my past vehicles or signs. The question I am asking is , do any of you feel if neon lettering is to obnoxious. I ask because I have always found it unprofessional . However it does get seen. My vehicle is nice and cannot be missed buy I never want it to look Mickey Mouse. As I said before I always have people waive me down (same as with my countertop truck, and my lawncare truck) I get noticed. And NO I am not trying to be rude by amything I have said or am going to say because I have asked the question an you are giving me answers , but I am in need of opinion on signage. My Ex already has signs and such but again 2 days in a row I have had been waived down and asked to SELL windows, not cleaning. So I am debating taking off my full window tint signs in change for either white, neon green or neon orange WINDOW CLEANING.

Ohh yeah, also , where can I see your vehicle Work of Art? I couldn’t find a pic. I do everything off of my iPhone so I don’t get to see everything. Is there a link or a website? Speaking of that I am trying to find a way to post a pic. But I do have an ad on corpus Christi craigslist under services. Take a look at my ride. It’s a pain to work out of , but, it’s what I have

Okay then…

I just realized the whole blowinG and goinG thing… that’s hilarious!! I LOVE this iPhone and I love the fact that it corrects mistakes and finishes words. But sometimes it “sucks”. I meant “blowin and goin”. Hopefully that’s not just a Texas phrase.

I think its just Texas bro. Lol

upload a pic of your truck

I don’t know how. I do EVERYTHING off my iPhone and I can’t fugure out how to do it. May sound stupid because the iPhone is the easiest thing in the world to work with but I just can’t figure that out. I could text you a pic. My digits are 361-946-3697 .