So I wanted to get your thoughts on this. I have a client who sprays windex all over the glass but removes it with a squeegee. I personally have never heard of someone doing that was wondering if anyone else had?!

Ask yourself, if he does that with great results, why is he your client?


I’m still new to the business. But I have done my fair share of hours upon hours of research, I feel I am only scratching the surface of this ice burg. But I have found that the thought of someone even looking at a windex bottle disgusts me haha. It’s really terrible stuff. In my opinion it’s blue food coloring in water. There are much better window cleaning solutions out there and now I’m convinced that you can’t get too much better than some soap and water unless your going for perfection in which case you have to use a verity of soap chemicals to get the desired results. I know that you are probably much more knowledgeable than I am in window cleaning. I just saw the topic and wanted to give my 1/10th of a penny input haha.

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Windex ,Ajax ,Dawn ,doesn’t really matter if you’re not agitating the product on the glass to suspended the solids with the fluid .and then useing your squeegee to remove the solids and the fluid from the glass it doesn’t really matter… But Windex actually contains a gelatin that gets into the pores of the glass witch attract dust and grime and grease…that way consumers will buy more Windex. Just my two cents

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This is a great explanation!