Through screen window cleaning method for when you're in a jam

I did a historical 1859 House on Sunday with the Old wavy glass windows and no storms. A contractor had made mylon screens for 39 windows and applied them to the house with 12 2 inch long stainless steel screws per screen.serious overkill.
I did not want to unscrew all these screws for fear of damaging the frames, to say nothing of the huge amount of time involved. So I used my through the screen glass glass gleem 4 for window cleaning method. Here’s how it goes.also have used this method also on 4 foot sliders in condos where the screen doesn’t come out from the outside and the window does not want to come out of the track
You’ll need 5 gallons of hot water in the thermos, glass gleam 4,and a long bristled sparse brush ,like the Unger radius sill make a double strength solution of glass gleam 4with hot water, and using a sopping wet tiger sleeve, apply large amounts of hot gg4 to the screen,first verticle, then horizontal then diagonal right then diagonal left. The concept is to dissolve all the dirt from the screen in all its corners and to push as much hot gg4 onto the window as possible.the hot solution will dissolve any bird or spider stuff on the glass, I use it on 3 or 4 windows and then discard it, replacing with fresh hot water and gg4, the heat is important for the dissolve. Using the unger long bristle brush,wash the screen and push the solution onto the glass. If there are trouble spots ,
bounce the brush on them to get the bristles through the screen and on the glass. Now rinse the glass 3 times real slow, with
special attention to the sides and bottom, flush the sill well.
I’ve found this method to yield very good results with nylon screens and simple dirt. Aluminum screens and various staining can get acceptable resultsalso, I show the result to the customer and get a meeting of the minds on it.

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