Tight spot for a sqeegee

hey everyone happy hollidays…im looking for a little advice if anyone could help.I recently picked up a new account and I have two small issues with the job.Its a restaraunt and the backs of the booths are up against the window frame and when cleaning the windows behind the booths there is not enough room to straighten out the squeegee when closing out(the tip of the handle is stopped by the back of the booth)…so i’m left with the bottom corner or wherever i would finish unable to be squeeged…i’ve been drying and buffing out the area with a scrim until i figure out a better way…and its a bit of a reach down to the bottom making it a little tough to see whether it looks ok until I go outside to check…and the other issue is the restaraunt has alot of furniture outside and each night they bring alot of it in and place it in front of the windows inside …so I end up havin to move a ton of pillows and a few other things out of the way to get to the windows each week…it only adds five to ten minutes to the job but i didnt know this was going to be a factor in my time when giving a price(Its a newly built restaraunt and the place wasnt even fully assembled when i landed the job) so if i was gonna ask a little more for the job i"m not sure how much to ask because this will only be an issue when the weather is nice enough to have people outside(i’m assuming the furniture will be stored somewhere else in the cold months)…any tips would be much appreciated

I’d keep at it always trying to find a way to do it quicker with good quality. If you can’t accomplish this to your satisfaction after a few attempts, then consider raising it with justification.

I had a fish and chips place years ago that had a booth blocking the lower 2 feet of window and it was able to be pulled sideways, but as you said not enough room to go closer than handle length from the sides.
This would leave a rectangle of water about 4 inches wide and as tall as the squeegee. A lot of water to towel.
So what I did on this one was bring my squeegee up, turn it around and do a final pull of the rectangle of soapy water out toward the middle of the glass.
Now all I had to towel was a line of water as tall as my rubber length.[B] ( l )[/B]
As far as the furniture issue, experience will teach you to price a just opening store to allow for window clutter, or let them know you may raise the price later if they move things in to block your access.
After the fact on this one is decide if it’s worth it , or raise the price with an explanation of why, and realize you may risk a loss of the account.
No easy choice at this point.
Hope this helps out and makes sense.

hey thanx for your time and advice guys. I have done the line of water thing before in a little bit of a different scenario and was thinkin it would do for this job unless there was a better way that i dont know of( self taught which has slowed my growth as a window cleaner down a little) i’ve done the job about 6 times so far and initially thought it would take about a half hour…so far, with the issues mentioned above it takes 45-50 mins…plus the job has a revolving door which i have never done one before and am still getting use to the curved glass…so i think i should get it close to the time i thought it would take …I hope lol

I use a super system handle and a pole for obstructed panes, close off on the side

You can try pulling the squeegee as close to the edge as possible, then turning it around and pushing the water to the edge. It might leave a small squeegee mark that can easily be wiped away. You should try to wipe all excess water away with a sponge before pushing the water to the edge.

wow just tried that out on my living room window…so cool…i never would have thought of that…problem solved. I gotta do that job tommorrow,cant wait to try it…thanx alot man

Another option is to fan the top down to where the booth is then pull sideways and on the last pull as you come several inches from closing out stop the top part of your squeegee and continue with the bottom part of the squeegee until it reaches the frame. So pulling from left to right it would look like \ . The pull your squeegee strait up with the bottom tight against the frame then when your handle comes up high enough pull the top half of the squeegee to the frame and close out completely. This is my preferred method I use in this situation.

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