Tilt In Latch Breakage Waiver

Just starting out in the business and have a question about those cheap plastic latches that are installed on tilt in vinyl framed windows that break even if you look at them. Most of the time, the ones I encounter are so sun bleached and brittle, the tabs snap off as soon as you touch them. The portion that engages into the side track usually stays intact, but you have to use a screwdriver or some other tool to get it to release once the little tab breaks off the top. Unfortunately, you can’t get around using them with some of the popular window designs in my area where you can only remove the screens by tilting in the window.

Anyone use a general disclaimer in the service agreement they would be willing to share that explains that this can happen and releasing their liability due to deteriorated window components?

Naw, I just tell people before starting the job and explain the situation. I’ve never had a customer get upset on this issue in 11 years.

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Ditto. Stuff breaks, especially sun damaged plastic screen latches. Just let them know.

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