Time for a New Ride

Could someone who has used pick up truck and van please tell me exactly why they liked one over the other. I really can’t make up my mind about what to do.



I’ve used both, currently in a pick up truck, it just depends on…
-your $ situation (both a work and play vehicle or just work vehicle?)
-location (if it’s nice year round a pick up isn’t so bad, but maybe if it snows you could add plowing/snow removal to your services)
-what services do you offer? (Do you need a lot of space that a van offers or does the bed of truck work just as well?)

Mike Radzik

Pro Window Cleaning

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i used a pontiac montana (a fairly large mini van). it had side rails so used u bolts to attach some steel tubing across for a ladder rack which holds a 1x28’ , 1x32’, 1x11’ ext ladders and an 11’combo. inside i have 1 middle seat removed. the other folded down and the rear folded down.
ikeep a costco worlds greatest ladder a 5’step and a2 step lying on edge over the folded seats on the driver side and all our buckets and stuff on the passenger side where the seat is out and stuff we need less often on the passenger side on the rear folded seat. i have rope tied to th floor with hook on the other end which i use to prevent the rear door opening all the way as currently it touches the ext ladders and yes they scratch glass. this year i will raise the roof rack so i can open the rear door fully.
i also used it for snow clearing this winter by removing the rear seat as well which allowed to stow 2 toro power clears along the passenger side and our shovels etc.
over all it works quite well but i am jealous of the full size cargo van my buddy uses especially when trying to clean gutters, it’s too crowded with any extra gear and the window stuff at the same time.
on the plus side i was able to revert it family duty when required.

In years past I’ve driven a Toyota pickup with a topper and am now on my third mini-van. I currently have a Chevy Astro. I much prefer a van. I can carry everything that I might need, all of the time. Everything is secure and locked-up. Sometimes I wish that I had a larger van, but my Astro is paid for, still looks good and has fairly low miles, so I’ll keep it. I don’t think I’ll go back to a truck.

Believe it or not I’m very happy with my 2000 Dodge caravan sport. Decent room, secure and great gas mileage…best of luck with your search!

I am very partial to my Silverado, not only do I get compliments on how nice of a truck it is but it holds everything I need.

The cover allowed me to keep most equipment in there over the winter (I brought in most hand tools so nothing froze though)

Tomorrow I’m putting my new ladder racks on and I’ve just got a few more additions for storage I want to add to it.

Mike Radzik

Pro Window Cleaning

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Mike now your ready for a full wrap!..it would look real nice on your Silverado

I had a full-sized van for 7 1/2 years and have had a pickup truck for the last 4 1/2. I feel there are pros and cons to both. As Mike Radzik mentioned, having everything safe from the weather is a nice thing. This winter was challenging with all the snow we got here, having to either bring stuff in and out regularly or just dig out certain items.
With a pickup, you can get to items closer to the front more easily.
My ideal would be to have a pickup for towing my trailer to larger jobs (residential, large commerical) and to add a smaller vehicle like a wagon or Transit for storefront work.

cargo van all the way

  • the only problem i run into is that most parking garages in the city have a 6’5" height limit and my van cant fit. most buildings have vendor parking on street level for their contractors so it works out but sometimes it can be a pain to find parking.

If you do pressure washing a truck would probably be preferred so that you can leave the machine in the bed, the carbon fumes are dangerous if you run it enclosed in a van. I do pressure washing too and just simply unload the machine from the van when i use it.

when its time to upgrade to a new van i got my eyes on this

<img src=“http://static.cargurus.com/images/site/2010/04/01/12/33/2010_chevrolet_express_cargo-pic-2132843990178467734.jpeg”>

There are many pros and cons to a truck, somedays I miss working out of a van though. Using a truck has really taught me what I need and what I don’t need to carry with me day to day. I have all the essentials and no BS.

I’ve got all my gutter cleaning and window cleaning equipment everyday. If I need to do some power washing I just load that into the truck for the day along with whatever chemicals will be needed.

I have all my poles for storefront and WFP gear as well.

I would love to wrap this vehicle, but unfortunately it’s also my off duty vehicle, next year (hopefully) I will get a dedicated work vehicle. I might end up with another Silverado, in white, with a cap on it.

Mike Radzik
Pro Window Cleaning
Central, Mass
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I’ve been an Explorer guy for years, but I’m running out of room in there, so an Expedition or Excursion may be in my future

[MENTION=1261]Joe[/MENTION], what services do you currently offer, and what ones do you foresee adding in the future? How many people will be riding in it? That will help give us an idea of your needs.

I love my xB, but adding on pressure washing this year is going to test its limits…

What make is that ?

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not sure, I thought it was a chevy express but when searching google i couldnt really figure it out.
nissan makes a different kind of work van, i see them advertising their work vans at the dealership down from where i live. ugly as heck though.

<img src=“http://pictures.dealer.com/v/vacavillenissan/0451/3bf872fd862d6f2bc698f104c373d4cbx.jpg”>

Ford transit connect.

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Ford transit connect has dual sliding doors but like the nissan is ugly as heck

here it is, its a chevy, I love the chevy cargo van look.

The new ones look better.

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Ah funny I have the nissan. That’s alright my friends make fun if me.they call me the ice cream man .i like it I think there cool lookin you can call my van ugly just don’t call my wife ugly :slight_smile:

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Being ugly might be a good thing, it draws more attention

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