Time it takes to clean this house

Alright so I am newer. I do very detailed work no complaints… never had one. I clean windows, tracks, sills, and screens every house. Never leave a speck on a window. Most large houses take me two days to finish. I just wonder how long it takes you guys to clean a house with for instance 13 double hung windows 2 of which are second story. And 8 french 3x4 three of which are second story.

4-5 hours inside and out

Depends on how dirty they are and the ladder access but I’d think 4 hours is a good average time that I think I would do it in. Less on repeat cleans.

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3hrs max

Detailed work is fine, but get faster for sure. Not every window should need a whole lot of attention. Certainly you will find those stubborn windows, but your technique needs to gain some speed where ever you can.
Do not compromise the quality of your service, just identify and see if you can’t pump out some speed here and there and your time spent will get better.

Around 3. A little more for the first time, a little less for future cleans.

4-5 hours for a really detailed first time clean. Probably 3.5 hours for a yearly maintenance clean. But I’ve learned over the years to shoot a little high on my time estimates. That way the customer isn’t annoyed when I’m 8 hours in on a ‘6 hour job’ :roll_eyes:


I would say 3 hours if not too bad. 4 to 5 hours if real bad.

By myself 2 - 2.5 hrs.


Of course that’s using a wfp, screen cleaner and 14 years of experience.

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Now this is without a water fed pole. All screens are done with hand brush. Also this is a interior and exterior job.

Thanks for the input guys