Time Management & Boundaries

Time management in winter has not been my strength in the past few winters. Already working on how to combat that. Any out of the box ideas?

  1. member here mentioned setting phone to “airplane” mode - learning this is must. Tracking the amount of time I spend dealing with employees daily.

  2. Wake up early: so get it, not my thing. Would rather grind at night.

Anything you do?

huge weakness for me.

It is for many.

This is just for me:

I need two days of 100% mental break from work. Probably plan 3 long weekends before mid March

scatter some fun days in there.

Need to keep waking up at a normal time and start some new routines.


What has worked for me is to set long and short term goals and track your progress. Making sure you meet your goals forces you to be efficient with your time. Without those goals there is no benchmark to measure your efficiency by and to challenge you to stay focused.


Plus ∞. It’s difficult to manage what you haven’t measured. A big struggle of mine, as well. I think that lots of times (subconsciously) I’d rather continue ignorant to my shortcomings, than be slapped in the face with them by the cold data. But ignorance isn’t really bliss :disappointed_relieved:


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