Time saver on storm windows

I hate cleaning storm windows. It is a backbreaking job. This little trick will save you time. It will not work on all storm windows. A few factors to consider are the weather and a good location to work. And the condition of the storm windows.

I agree and the storms we deal with here in New England need a jack hammer at times to clean. After an initial clean followed up with annual cleans I’ll bet that would be the cats azz.

Those look like exterior storms, the problem with doing this to triple track storms, is they take forever to get dry enough to bring back inside.

Also, if your moving all the storms to a central location you may want to label them with masking tape as to what rooms they go to. Ive done so many triple tracks that vary in size. Even in the same room! And yes Pat you have a strong point with drying time. As John mentioned, weather and location are key! Nice trick, I like.