Time to go Full time

Hello everyone. I have been lurking on this site for a couple of months. Love this site by the way. Great work guys. I have made a couple of posts. And i have learned a ton from this forum.
I am by no means new to this business. I have 11 + yrs in the field. Working for someone else of course. I hit a point with them around the first of the year, where it was clear there may not be more money for me. It was a mutual decision by both parties that it was time for me to move on.

I weighed quite a few options about what to do … I then made the decision , I might as well make a living in the field i know the best. Window cleaning has provided me with some decent money over the yrs. And i have learned some valuable life and business lessons in my time.

Now I am at the point where i have built my business where i am about to make that next BIG Step. Taking my business full time. I had been working a full time job while getting my business functional and profitable. Then about a month ago, i went to part time at the job i had. Window cleaning was taking off for me. Route work is building by the week. Res is starting to pick up.

So here are a few questions…
What made you decide to take that next step ?
Where you as nervous as I am right now, when you were at this point?
What finally made you decide to make that jump?

I would appreciate any and all responses…
Thanks for taking time to read .:eek:

Congrats on going into business for yourself. I started this exact time last year, I had a little (very little :wink: cash saved up from my previous sales, quit that job, and dove headfirst into the window cleaning. Never cleaned a window in my life or even new people got there windows cleaned until about 3 weeks before I started! I am proud to say that in my first year I grossed just shy of $30,000. Not a ton, but GREAT when you consider how very very little TIME I spent working (avg less than 12 hours/week, more in summer less in winter)

I started because I made great money in sales, but HATED it, and found out I could make similar money if not more cleaning windows. So it was a no brainer for me.

Yes it is scary as hell when you start, lots of stress when it gets slow or hobs cancel, it is normal to feel that stress, it’s GOOD

Let that stress motivate you to go get those accounts!


  1. It was a natural progression, once you see the money rolling into your employers hands - you think that the money should be rolling into mine - I did the work!
  2. Yep… very, self doubt, worried about getting customers, buying everything in the world, just in case you need it.
  3. All or nothing. I said “give it 6 months” & see where I was at. I wish forums were around then, it makes life a lot simpler.

August 20 2007 (exactly one year ago this week) I worked my last day for someone else. Had been cleaning windows part time for a couple of months before that. I told myself, "If things don’t go well after 2 months I’ll just work for someone else full time and do window cleaning part time again. Last winter was very scary. Luckily I had some savings. here it is a year later and things are still tight money wise but I feel I made the right decision.

I have no fear about building the business over time. You just have to keep a level head, not make stupid decisions out of fear, and for sure don’t get desperate when times are slow and slash your prices.

I say come on in the waters great!!!

Hey, welcome! A lot of us have made that nervous step.

I took the next step in April. After working a franchise for 5 years I quit, and went cold turkey. With no other wark. I started a business with absolutely no customers, and a dream.

What made me make the decision to quit my employer was that I felt I could earn more on my own. And I wanted to own my own business. Over 5 years, I learned as much as I could about the business, through experience, maintaining my route, reading books such as Straight Talk About Window Cleaning Bidding, magazine such as American Window Cleaner, The World Forum, this forum, and NWCD forum.

I felt I learned all I can, and my boss even though the route was priced well, I got good bonuses, and special bonuses that he came up with when I got new jobs. I felt like I could still make more money on my own, once I was big, came up with premium pricing, and I could subcontract the jobs.

I felt like the student had passed the teacher, so to speak.

I wanted to start a business, while I was still young, and before having kids. It was a good time, because my wife was and is still making good money so she could support us, and be the breadwinner for a while.

I started off, and at times, I got very nervous. At one point, I figured, why don’t I just do a lot of lowballing to make some quick cash, while I’m trying to build a decent commercial route. Fortuantely my pride stopped me from doing that, and my route picked up, now I’m on quite a roll.

It’s a very scary, and nervous experience at times. But once you get passed that, with a good pricing, never say never canvassing/marketing, and patience you can make it.

Thanks for the responses … I truely know that this is the right step for me to take. Still doesnt make it any easier … LOL.

:smiley: Thanks for the responses … I truely know that this is the right step for me to take. Still doesnt make it any easier … LOL.

Don’t give up Eddie…remember: a lot of people a lot dumber than us have made a successful go of this business, and you can too!

Kevin are you talking about me again!?:smiley:

Sorry, Tony. Didn’t know you were listening…

I’m always listening when you’re talking Kevin. Keeps me on my toes.

Aw, shucks.