Timing the shift in marketing from roof moss control, gutters, etc toWindow Cleaning

Hi All,
this is my second year in this biz and have had so much demand for roof moss control and PW that I naturally shifted much of my marketing to it this spring. I know that as it gets warmer here in Seattle the demand for WC goes up. I’m just curious what some of you guys have figured out for timing this shift in your marketing, or if you just go evenly across the board year round. Heres kind of a basic time line I have figured out. Also the roof moss control I started as an up sell and now it is one of my main sellers.

  1. Spring Gutters, PW, Roof Moss Control
  2. Summer Windows, some PW
  3. Fall Windows, Gutters, PW
  4. Winter Windows, Holiday light set up and removal, Maybe snow removal?
    Any of your thoughts on this subject would be greatly appreciated. I just hate to put alot of time into designing all the wrong campaigns and ads.(I also do all my own design work in house and don’t hire any of it out. Its just not in the budget this year.)

You got it.

Out here gutters never stop. Some believe you should clean them before everything falls and others after everything falls and then there are those who have so many evergreen trees around the home the gutters could be cleaned every time the wind blows.

Spring is a big time for windows but is driven by what Steve Pool says, if he says a week of sun is coming your scheduling becomes easier. I find that all my ultra wealthy clients clean their windows in April/May and the commoners end of May-July.

Depending on what you’re using for moss control it may call for bi-annual applications so those you treat in Spring could use a calling in early fall. What are you using for moss control? I use Moss-B-Gone, which is bleach based. For years I turned away pw roof, but so many people want it out here that I have started it this year.

The issue with snow removal is we normally don’t get any! Yeah, two years ago when it dumped on us there was money to be made for those who wanted to get out and do it.

Another thought: Holiday lighting, there are companies out here that do nothing in our industry and then go gang busters on lighting. They contact/sign up their clients in Aug/Sept, which makes any marketing we do after that basically a waste. These companies do 600+ homes.

Last year I had gutters all through summer and fall, even in Jan( I had to reschule quite a few jobs though due to the ice in the gutters) I did a few holiday light installs that i got just from a few yard signs I put out near my house. This year my plan is to market lights using my quarterly newsletter to my current clients.
For roofs I use I plastic garden rake to remove anything over 1/2 inch or bigger. I use Moss Out which is just zinc sulfate granules. pretty much same thing. Just curious do you know of anywhere to by either of those products in bulk? Like 25-50 lbs bags? I have been buying it 10 cans at a time at 12.00 a can. I think I could save some money there.
Funny you mention PWing roofs. I currently do not do that but am wanting to learn more about soft washing roofs. I really don’t like the results of just killing the moss with treatment, cause its still there after its dead. I have read lots not to PW a roof if you dont have to and that there are other ways to take care of the issue without further damaging the roof. With that being said I have done a couple with my PWer and the results were great and if your carefull with it it shouldn’t do damage. I have used 25 degree and 40 degree tips.
dave , do you have any thoughts on this subject?

Oh yeah as far as the snow removal goes I was thinking eastern washington like Ellensburg, Wanatchee, Yakima, and so on. Usually with a snow removal contract you get paid to be available wether it snows or not.

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