Tinted windows

is there a chemical known to man that takes high quality tint of windows?
took me about 4 hours to take off 16 square feet of tint off windows.
i had to use a half inch blade the hole time. then some acetone for the left over adhesive. the tint was 2 ply then tough adhesive.

Buy a box of black contractor garbage bags, cut the bags open into big sheets, soak the tint with an ammonia based product (windex, pine-sol, tint-off, etc.) let sit over night, come back the next day and start peeling in a corner and should come off in good size chunks if not an entire sheet. Be careful with the black bags on a window that’s sitting in the sun. If it’s not coming off in one sheet then try cutting it into sections with a stainless(make sure it’s stainless!) olfa knife to make it easier to pull.

What? Any chance you could explain the process a bit more detailed. What do you do with the contractor bags? A client of mine requested we remove tint next week, so any ideas would be appreciated.

Spray down the tint with the ammonia based spray, tape plastic bags onto tint, let it dwell overnight. remove plastic bags next day, and tint should come off easier. You may need to score the tint with a blade so that the spray will have more of a chance to break down the adhesive.

Heat gun. Turn gun up to middle heat, hold about 7-8 inches away from glass. Keep it moving and it will loosen tint and glue enough to remove. start in corner/edge to peel up and remove large sheets. Move gun on tint 4-5 inches in front of your fingers…heat guns get hot, be careful