TipJar by Maykker - New Type of BOAB

Hi Wagtail and Moerman Excelerator users.

You may (or may not) be interested in this product. A new kind of bucket on a belt that appears to be very well suited for carrying Wagtail squeegees, and Excelerators (perhaps). Will be on the market in a couple of weeks.

Will be available from Window Magic Supply (https://www.windowmagicsupply.com/contact). I’m not sure if this is an exclusive deal with Maykker Products (www.maykker.com).

Anyway. Have a look see what you think.



My Excelerator doesn’t quite fit in my BOAB properly, but this looks like a possible option. You guy’s make up you own mind.

This is the second potential product that has been announced as coming out in the near future that can help Wagger’s and Excelerator users.



So a good carrier, and more slip for pole work sounds good. Lot’s of small advantages add up. Work smarter not harder I say!

P.S. Was not aware of someone posting about it already. New Bucket on a Belt - #8 by JaredAI Sorry. Not intentional.