Tired of Spider webs?

I have been using winsol 120 for the last few months and one thing I have noticed is spiders hate it. All of the properties that had loads of spider webs have stayed cleaner longer. Out of all the products I have tried over the years the winsol-120 is now my goto. No dyes in it either!

I’ve never heard this being a thing… BUT, I’ve got a couple stops on one route that are the most gross with spiders… trying this out on those

Can confirm… doesn’t work.

I say it works. atleast 4 sites I do monthly…all have lil to no spider webs now. It’s the lemon oil in it. I prefer this to gg products.

Used it last week, came back this week… the same amount of spiders were hangin around

Ah that sucks, you must have some gnarly spiders. These seem to hate the lemonene that is in this stuff. Hoping they stay gone.

I also own a pest control company. I can see the limonene having a deterrent effect for sure. The problem is, a repellant wont solve the problem as much as push the problem somewhere else (i.e. indoors).