Titan Green (anybody using it on windows?)

Titan Labs makes glass gleam 4 and Titan Green Multipurpose Cleaner which is a super-strength concentrate with exceptional cleaning and degreasing capabilities.

They say it can be used on windows. Anybody using it to boost the power of their window cleaning solution in grimy situations like restaurants and car repair shops?


I use it at times on smokers’ windows. It leaves a residue, so I’ll utilize a segregated tool set.

Would you say that it leave more or less residue than dish soap?

I’ve used it for years on smokers windows and those greasy windows near BBQ grills. Works great. I do use a separate strip washer because of the grease or nicotine that is coming off those windows.

More, but like any solution, it depends on dilution ratio.

Degreasers require a thorough rinse, IMO.

Hello, I’m the manufacturer’s rep for Titan Green. It’s the world’s greatest degreaser and the reason I started working for Titan nearly 10 years ago. It’ll do a great job of cleaning anything greasy, sooty, or just plain dirty. The reason you’re seeing a residue is 2 fold. First, you may have mixed it too strong. We have many window cleaners that rely on Titan Green for pre-cleaning windows in Chinese restaurants (near the woks) and other greasy spoons (not to mention nicotine buildup). And second, it sounds like you’re trying to replace your GG-4 with Titan Green, but Titan Green is meant for cutting grease, not cleaning glass; so pre-clean uber-greasy/sooty areas, then proceed with GG4 for final washing. Also, when it comes to adding an extra piece to your business, consider cleaning the soot from your customers’ fireplace mantle. Titan Green makes it vanish with no work at all.

I add enough Titan Green to my solution – when required – to [I]efficiently[/I] cut nicotine or grease. That’s still enough to leave a residue.

No residue is left when I use pure water and a waterfed pole. :slight_smile:

I don’t, however, clean with a Titan Green solution (nor did I state as much.)

You’ll note that I mention utilizing a segregated tool set for final cleaning. That includes a fresh GG4 (or Ecover Lemon & Aloe) solution, washer sleeve, and squeegee. I’ve also posted in the past about using latex gloves when cleaning nicotine-laden homes due I typically get a headache.

Have it and love it

Mostly, I use Titan Green to clean the chains on my bicycles.

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