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Redid my website recently, now I’m wanting to concentrate on the SEO aspects of it. What should I be looking for when setting up the title tags? How about setting up keywords on each page? Should it basically be the same set (window cleaning, pressure washing, Tyler) for each page? Should I list multiple cities with my keywords?

Here’s my site - Tyler_Window_Cleaning

Your help is appreciated.

What you want to do is use your city + keyword in title and your company name for each page. For meta description try to use city + keyword and keyword + city when describing what that page is about. Optimize home page for your main service. Make sure you don’t have duplicate metas for pages, so different meta description for each page. I wouldn’t bother optimizing contact us or faq if you have those.

Utilize meta keywords: city window cleaning, window cleaning city, city window cleaners…

I would make each page at least 500 words long, the more the better. Try to get your keyword in at about 1%. Don’t try to stuff your keywords, make it read natural, write your content for the reader not for search engines.

Put your keyword in the first and last sentence, and put it in bold once. Use your keyword as anchor text and link it out to an authority site (about or wiki), make sure it’s a nofollow. Optimize h1, h2 and h3 tags with your keyword in them. Put an image on each page and put your keyword in alt tag.

When linking out make sure it is a nofollow.

Put links on your home page to internal pages and link to home page from your internal pages. If you offer gutter cleaning (sorry didn’t check out your site yet) use city + gutter cleaning as anchor text in your content and link it to home page.

When you’re finished with all that add your site to webmasters tools in Google and set up analytics. GWT will let you know how your site performs and advise you to fix any errors if present.

If its a new site/domain, let it sit 2-3 weeks before you do any backlinking. Start out with only a few links per week and increase gradually, too many links at once is bad and you may/will get sandboxed.

There’s the info others will charge you hundreds of $ for.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Did you get the all in one plug in?

Yes, I did. Now I am just looking for ways to personalize it for my site.

Here is my title tag for my site not my pages.

Simply Glass Exterior Solutions - Window Cleaning Louisville KY | Highrise Window Cleaning Louisville KY | Pressure Washing Louisville KY | Gutter Cleaning Louisville KY

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Google doesn’t use keyword meta tags, for search rankings…

Dont believe that. 4873]Google doesn’t use keyword meta tags, for search rankings…[/QUOTE]

While I don’t have much faith in G’s intentions regarding “most relevant results” in their search engine.
(see Google +, etc…)

I DO have faith in Matt Cutts… he’s a pretty straight shooter (once cornered and forced to talk.) :smiley:

I read that somewhere also.

My vote would be not to move this thread. I already know what you guys are talking about, but new people coming to this board need “meat” too instead of charging for it.

I should clarify- I’m not saying it’s a waste of time. Sorry if it did.
Bing/Yahoo which are one in the same, do seem to use them.

I’m finding that nothing is a waste of time

I wrote an article about 7 tips for ‘on page SEO’ but it is on my wc DVD site. Does anyone have any objections to me sharing the link? In other words, I like to share the information, I’m not trying to sell you something.

Perhaps PM me and I’ll send you the link privately.

While meta keywords are not as important as once were, other search engines still use them to rank sites.

Post it mark. I wanna see too. Lol.

True, and don’t forget about meta description as well. Unfortunately meta keywords can get spammed up the wazoo which is why the big players pay less attention to it. The description meta tag isn’t just a bunch of words, it is a sentence that best describes the content of your site.

Pm’d the link.

Posting it here may violate the forum rules as well as an agreement with Chris.

Descriptions are a completely different animal… I was speaking specifically about tags, and specifically about G.