Title tags

“From the Horse’s Mouth” and all that…[INDENT=2]
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Correct, meta description should be used to sell yourself to people looking for your services, so they pick up the phone and call you. It should also contain your keyword in it at least once, and should not be included more than twice.

Meta keyword are just that, keyword you want to rank for. It should not be spammed as you say, keep it 7-10 keywords maximum.

So you trust everything google tells you? I’m not saying that it does matter but it is wise to put them in, and like I said other SEs still use them.

It wont hurt if you use meta tags but it could hurt if you dont. Where does your website rank jfromthed?

I never said that. What I said is…

He’s even wearing a Panda shirt… 2 years ahead of time. :smiley:
(search “google Panda”)

As far as my site-I rank in each and every city I target. If not #1, I’m in the top 3.
My pride and joy is having 6 out of the top 10 for a local city.

We all have our tricks, and I know I have one or two that most here don’t.
How do I know?
… because I see your sites.

I was referring to the video you posted.

I want to see your site as well then.

Of course you do. No offense, but earlier you wanted this thread moved to a private forum,
so people like myself wouldn’t be privy to the content.

  • But now, you want to see what’s up [B]my[/B] [B]sleeve[/B].

Let’s recap…[INDENT]I made a statement.
(and got called out on that statement)

I backed my statement with taped response from the actual person who runs that department
(was told he’s lying, and I shouldn’t believe it)

Awesome discussion. :confused:

I didn’t mean to bum anyone out, and I wasn’t trying to start sh@t… just “talkin.”

Description tag should include quick call to action words as it is displayed in results.
Title tage … First 60 characters will show in results. I always include phone number in that for folks to be able to call without even clicking. This is good for a mobile search especially.
Title tags are important as it sets the page up for how the links coming FROM it are determined to be related to.