To bid or not to bid

I had a woman call me yesterday to give her a price for a ccu on a 2700 sqft 2 story house. when I got there she said “based on how fast you got here you must really want to do this job so he’s going to give me a low low price!” STRIKE ONE, I started looking at the windows and told her about the risks involved with cleaning tempered glass and that I would have to have her sign a waiver releasing me of responsibility re: scratches pre existing or otherwise. She said " I already had a wc er out here and he tested this window it was fine but he tested this one and said it was bad" So I’m not going to sign anything you’ll just have to clean it with steel wool you can’t use a squeggee" HMMMMM I told her that there may be scratches already in place and when I clean the windows and the sun is shining there going to stand out like a sore thumb. I show her 1 window thats got 2 deep deep scratches under the dust.“She said well show them all to me now so we know” STRIKE 2 ~ 54 window w interior 2 story. I go out side to look and she starting pressing me for a price including cleaning the black frames surrounded by flat white painted walls. I told her I fax it to her “she said well everyone whose been out here gave me a price on the spot” “can’t you” I said off the top of my head between 5 and 600 … there was a pause and I asked her how that sounded in comparison with the others and she said I was the highest:) STRIKE 3 I really didn’t feel good about this job at strike 1 so I told her Id call her today just to be professional. [B]What would you have done??[/B] I could use the work for sure But I see the possibility for trouble.[LIST]

As soon as she said she didn’t want to sign a waiver I would of said… No waiver, no deal, no way, have a nice day.

The only thing I would say , rather than “walk away “, would be” run away”


Do you like your job? Because it sounds like you would hate it from the moment you placed it on the schedule. Trust your gut feelings.

Sounds like she wants one of the other guys to do it at about $400 or less. I’d do what the other guys said…Run, don’t walk. And if she does come around and sign the waiver and get you to do it, get half your money up front. These types are the ones that never pay good.

I love my job I’m self employed and I reserve the right to refuse service to any customer weather they have green hair or unrealistic expectations. I think you meant to say I didn’t like [I]THE[/I] job from begining which is true I don’t care for CCU because there is too much at risk and if something goes wrong like scratches even with a signed waiver its not a goodwill booster for relationships going foward. The builders mad, the glass guy is ticked because I exposed him or his glass source and the poor homeowner is crushed that the long awaited completion of there home is tainted and is damaged goods before they even move in. The window cleaner has is signed waiver and hopefully his $ for completed work. But he’s now connected as an “expert” with in the negative situation. I guess at the very least you may get called in as a consultant which has happened to me…Scratched Glass sucks I just like everyone happy when I leave not just me .

I’m a firm believer in “no waiver, no work”. They were clearly looking for someone to stick it to. They knew they had problems and wanted you on the hook for them. This is a prime example of making a few bucks at the expense of your business.

She would have never made it to strike 2!
Tell her when she wants a professional to clean them it will be on your terms not hers.

Sounds like one of the know it all customers. When I run into those I treat them like anyone else. Just give them your price, waiver and if they dont call you or commit move on. I did a few houses for a local builder, he sounded a lot like this and the jobs ended up being waaaay more trouble than they were worth.

Sometimes the best deals are the ones you don’t make.

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This is a myth. There is no test for determining that a window is fine. You might be able to tell if a window has a bad case of FD but you can’t definitely say a window is OK. Remember this stuff is mostly microscopic.

up until the sun shined thru the window

hi guys…
this reply is sorta out of topic but, I’m having trouble coming up a waiver for my business… any chance that i may take a look at your waiver so i can get an idea. I’ll rewrite it unless you don’t mind me using it :cool:

Here is one from the download section.

Tempered Glass Waiver

Monday, January 19, 2009

Releasing Window Cleaner From Any Liability On
Tempered Glass Scratching During Cleaning

Due to widespread problems with poor quality tempered glass scratching during construction window cleaning, The Window Wizard will not be liable for any scratches on any tempered or heat strengthened glass.

It is accepted and understood by ALL parties that properly used razor blades and scrapers are standard tools and techniques for construction window cleaning and can safely remove limited amounts of construction debris (plaster, paint, texture, tape, stickers, etc.) from quality glass, without scratching the glass surface.

Furthermore, it is accepted, the use of razor blades and scrapers will be employed on all
construction window cleaning and no other cleaning method will be offered by The Window Wizard to remove construction debris from any glass surface.

If Builder does not choose to have window cleaner use razor blades or scrapers, Builder must cover all glass during entire construction process, which would protect glass from any construction debris and eliminate the need for The Window Wizard to use razor blades and scrapers to clean the glass.

This clause must be included on all contracts. If this clause is not acceptable, there is no contract between The Window Wizard and Builder.

The Window Wizard Authorized Signature Date

check out the download section there are some there, full packets, not just the waiver.

thanks alot guys… ill check out the download section:D

for some reason i cant access the Download section of this forums… it says that i need to put in the password:confused:

Email a file of something you use for your wc business to Chris or Alex to contribute to the download section and then they will give you a password. It can be a flyer, form, etc. But not a business card.

I sent you a pm