To Pole or Not To Pole

as you can see you get plenty of answers to even the simple questions. :smiley:

PM me and I can actually teach you how to do this.

(so can Mike Draper, Stark, Chris, Alex, MR Squeegee, Larry and 1 or 2 more)

The windows are 20’ tall MAX.

I did not guess.

I have no reply.:slight_smile:


I don’t have one and never really considered it but this post has me thinking about buying one to play around with in my next order.

dude, DUDE…dude!
you need a backflip well, you don’t “need” one. But if you want to speed things up a lot then consider purchasing one.

I modified mine with a Unger Monsoon scrubber and a 22" Super channel and I can tackle just about anything…

it saves me 2x the time on many jobs…really. The squeegee acts like a ledger too!

You need a water fed pole. Thats what you need. Its the best way to go

Thank you to everyone! I’m sorry I left the house for a couple hours.

I do pole some, but it’s only a 12. I do use a back-flip occasionally as well. I think my plan will be the 30’ unger with a modified back flip 22".

Mike K. Sorry, can’t put my money in the wfp yet. I’m sure I will, but my book has plenty of room in it for other work still.

Thanks again.

As others said the Backflip. I use the Pulex Micro Tiger sleeve.

As a side note, if your going to clean the insides, you’ll probably need a ledger. The commercial frames like that usually have a small ledge on the exterior, but a lefty bulky 4’’ to 6’’ ledge on the inside.

The job is 100% pole-able.

Did you account for the Verticillium wilt epidemic of 1999?

Go for the WFP! I used to think like you are now, but won’t go back. Love the WFP, and you can do a really nice job. Everything looks good, glass, sills, frames.

Tony, I do use the mirco tiger. thanks.

Micah. I have a 9" ledger. Do you think that’s big enough or not? How will I keep form making a mess inside? Is it time to get on the ladder once I get inside or use some kind of tarp on the floor? Thanks.

I didnt and that would put it no more than 20’ just as Phil said. :slight_smile:

I will definitely be ordering one next time, especially after the time I had yesterday using a 30’ pole inside a building w/ ledges, on and over stairs/escalator. One of the more challenging jobs I’ve done. Does anyone use the backflip like it says in the video where you can scrub and squeegee in one swipe? I’m glad to hear the backflip is like a ledger, that definitely helps.

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doesn’t work all that great

It takes practice but it is doable. I would only try it on glass that’s right in front of you since it takes a lot of control for it to work well.

Also, I would only use this technique on glass that you regularly maintain. (especially where you can get away with not getting right into the corners with the scrubber)

yeah, if it’s dirty, good luck getting it clean with the backflip in that position on a pole…i’ve tried. Even in front of you its just a pain.

The ledger works well for interior windows that have a ledge. I use it on a job with a 25 ft pole.

I use a 16" ledger on all but the deepest sills. Works fine.