Today: 1st Time I Fell Off a Ladder (15 Ft)

This is in regards to using extension ladders. I use ladder stabilizers 99.9% of the time. Great safety tool. Keeps the top of the ladder locked on the house. Every once in a while I’ll use a ladder stopper or the ladder pivot tool. But for the most part the stabilizers do the job.
A great way to see if ladder is properly secure, is to stand on the bottom rung and rock it back off the hose a 1’ or so. This will let you determine if the ladder is secure and straight. And make sure the angle is correct. A way to determine when this is correct is to stand with both of your feet on each foot of the ladder. Reach your arms straight out in front of you at chest height. If your arms are fully extended you have the right angle.
We all know that time can mean a lot when it comes to earning money. We all know also not to be on a job longer than we have to. But like others have said, it’s not worth it for a piece of glass.

Ladder Stopper. A very valuable tool to have in a window cleaners arsenal.

Yeah, I’m going to invest in one of these,

I remember a while back someone found one for like 15$ off another site?

Any recall where this site was?

I usually use a ladder stabilizer and as far as safety is concerned if the ground is one bit uneven or the window is unsafe to access, we simply don’t do that window

I was construction cleaning an atrium on a 12’ A frame ladder. Some genius had told the painters there would be a window cleaner, so they didn’t cover the windows or frames. It was boring, tedious work. I had been stretching to reach the top frames and it seemed like I had spent 30 minutes on that one window. After I had finally did the final wash…I just “stepped back” to admire my work. I skinned up both shins and needed 2 stitches to close up the cuts on my chin.

Good judgment usually results from the learning experience caused by bad judgment

Mark ever think of using a ladder pivot tool? They are great. Here in the Pittsburgh area it’s very hilly. It’s gives you safety as well. If I didn’t use it and avoided doing windows because the ground is uneven I would soon be out of business