Too much soap?

So here’s a picture I took after wiping my squeegee once I cleaned a window. Every time I wipe my squeegee after a window it always looks like this and sometimes has more suds. Am I using too much soap?

Why are you wiping the squeegee?


to get the soap off…:roll_eyes:


just flick it off. All over the couch, carpet, table, etc…


I use about 3/4 oz of Dawn and 3/4 Glass Gleam3 per 2+ gallons.
I think the picture shows too much soap.

Too much soap will leave residue on glass resulting in glass getting dirty faster, imho.

Like Matthew said, to get the water and soap off lol

You may be on to something good here… soap cleans everything so I could just flick my soap everywhere and charge for a whole house cleaning


Thanks for the feedback. Going to lower the amount of soap. Just seeing if this was really abnormal or not

kill 3 birds with one squeegee

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Yeah but why? Squeegee off the water and put it in you boab. I never ever wipe the squeegee. Is it a habit from car squeegees?

Use a squirt bottle and you can experiment with exact amounts. Start with two drops and adjust from there.


I would be able to tell you better if you sent a pic of a window after you wet it. There’s a certain amount of suds I look for that’s works best for me.

I’ve been doing straight pulls so need a dry squeegee

Gotcha. I’ll try to snap a pic tomorrow

Even with straight pulls there is no need to wipe squeegee for a dry edge.

Take the initial time to learn the proper technique before you get bad habits that will be tough to break.


You could use the mop in your off hand and keep it there to catch drips when working interiors. After the squeegee comes off the glass then run it over the mop like some chefs do with their knives


For the record, a good sharp knife does not deserve that abusive treatment. But you get my point.


…I have never been able to get get zero streaks on straight pulls without wiping the squeegee or the edge of the glass…can get close but never zero…

Best way to fix that is to post a video of your technique for help.

Youll be glad you did

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Are you cutting in with a dive-bomb/moonshot movement? That gives you the cleanest cut at the top or side where you begin your pull, and it rids your squeegee of most excess liquid before the pull begins

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If your already dive bombing why stop and straight pull just finish it off.

And yes way too much soap +1 on the squirt bottle with premixed solution.