Tool belt add on

Doing storefronts, commercial, and occasional needs when poling residential I add this to my belt - it is an Unger FIXI-clamp that is kept handy for quick access with a Werner Lock-In-Tool.


Nice! I love my fixi-clamp but I stopped using it regularly cause it is so bulky for my tool pouch. This might just make the difference to get it back on my hip!

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It moves around a wee bit when I walk, but no more cumbersome than the BOAB on the other side. It is efficient and quick to be able to switch from squeegee to the clamp with a folded huck already in it for a quick detail and on to the next window.

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Yeah I like the pre-loaded towel for quick changes too. Usually I just stick a towel on the tip of my pole for regular detailing, but the clamp is super handy for detailing a few storefronts I have with lettering that is out of reach.

Clever idea…

You should post those pics in the best workbelt thread ever! :wink:

I started to, but it is an add on to the belt and not the entire belt set-up. :-/?

I think it would be a good for people that view the thread to see different ideas…

Thats what the whole idea of the threads about workbelt setups, it on your workbelt…right :wink:

I added my whole belt plus the FIXI over there as well.
You’re tough to please! j/k :wink:

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