Tool Give Away

I want the $107.50 tool give away!

did I get it???
got so excited to see the “$107.50 tool give away” banner going across the top, I hurried and wrote it…hope I got it.

not yet ECWC

soon though

then can you delete this the topic I started… I feel silly now :frowning:

No way…too funny.

lets laugh at the retarded guy, huh…

Maybe we could comprimise and move it to humor?


better yet, just PM when the give away is

Leave it here for the weekend!

Too funny!


I thought it meant…“This is Saturdays tool give away”…not tool give away coming soon today

Dude…I thought you were joking.

I am still laffin man…hard too.


Holy cow I am crying I am laffin so danged hard!

I gotta go pee.

Ok boys now its official.

Who wants that $107.50 worth of tools? First to reply to my post wins.

I do!

i hate you doug

maybe they should start a new thread so we know it is a new one,

No fighting boys. Douglas email me over your order when ever your ready. Congrats!

I think that would be smart:mad:
I’m ****ed, I waited too

Thanks Mandy! And Alex and Chris of course.