Tool Talk with Mark the Window Cleaner #21 Pulex BOAB


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Mark, great video! I have the knee banging Pulex detachable BOAB and have about the same opinion of it as you. I never wear the Pulex BOAB but I do use it in my janitor’s caddy to store spare sqeegees, channels, extra T-bar scrubber, etc.

I use an Unger BOAB (the newer version) to carry my scrubber and 2 squeegees while working. For me the Pulex detachable BOAB cannot compare to the newer Unger BOAB.

The fixed loop (or non-detachable) Pulex BOAB would probably work better than the detachable Pulex BOAB but I like having the option of taking the bucket off of the belt without taking the belt off.

But lots of guys use the Pulex BOAB and like it so I guess it works for some folks.

The issues that you describe i run into with it being low works perfect for me. I tried them all and love the ettore sidekick (black one). The belt loop i always keep on belt and just simply detatch the bucket from it. The pulex looks bulky and big with nothing in it. But anyways, i love my set-up. I use a 16’’ in strip washer and squeege. I carry a 10’’ squeege around also. (the s channel)

Good vid Mark, I too like to have the choice of different handles. The Unger boab works good for that.

I’ve always wondered if the unger clip could be any harder to attach or un attach. This must be how they keep it shorter then the Pulex. The only time the Unger tips for me is with a 22" strip washer, but not so bad that water spills, if cautious.

The unger can easily carry 3 handles and t bar, even if one is a wide channel. If all channels are narrow 4 will fit and will be function able, again if cautious.

What I appreciate about your videos Mark is that your extremely honest. You always point out the cons and pros, even if you have to look pretty hard for them. Thanks for that.

I’ve used the Pulex BOAB for years. I’ve tried the Ungers, both the newer verison and the older one. I actually like the detachable Pulex. When doing route work, I detach the BOAB to empty the dirty water out before taking my tool belt off before getting into the truck. I may need to do this 15 to 20 times on a busy route day, so the Pulex is a winner there. The new Unger version was just difficult to do this.

I really only carry one squeegee in the bucket, my 22’’ Unger. I only use a smaller 10’’ squeegee in rarely. Most of the time it sits in the bottom of the bucket. When I need it on a paticular job, it sits nicely in the side pocket of the Pulex BOAB.

As a side note, sometimes when I have a 22’’ 0 degree and a 22’’ regular handle, I’ll put one of the squeegee’s in the main pocket of the BOAB, where the strip washer goes. Both fit in there easily.

As for the knee banging, I place the BOAB slightly back on my belt then where you had yours in the video. Back when I used a 22’’ strip washer, it was a lot worse. I used a stretchy velco strap to hold the BOAB in place, which actually worked very well. I use a 18’’ strip washer 90% of the time now.

Thank you for saying that Micah!

I don’t state my opinions by my very first impression. I’ve seen this product used by many professionals in the biz so I look for what qualities it might have to suit others better.

I’m looking forward to the day you receive an Ettore sidekick. Perhaps it just grows on you - but I still think it is the champion. I’ve rarely picked the Pulex back up, I have 2 & they just sit there wanting a leg to bang on. The Unger is a poor relative but it does have some extra features.

Mark thanks for the video, I have used the detachable Pulex for many years it is the BOAB that I started out with and continue to use. I use two of the three compartments for squeegees 14" and 18" front and middle. The rear compartment placement I find puts your arm at a weird place to try and get a handled squeegee out. It feels like you are fighting with the scrubber handle and that last handle in the reaivel handles). Knee knock is not a lot of fun. I like the detach to dump the water out. I have modified most of the Pulex Boab I have used, I put small holes to each of the three slot that drain any water into the scrubber slot. I found that the three slots would fill up with water and drip out (down my leg/floor etc…)

Thanks for the post

Alberto E.:slight_smile:

Good thinking on that mod. Never would have thought of that.

I’ve used the Pulex detachable, the unger traditional, the Towa safety bucket, and I now use the Ettore. The Ettore is hands down the best.

Thanks too! I’m going to do that mod tommorow.

I have actually thought about drilling holes to allow the water to drain out, because sometimes suds will gather on the top of the squeegee and create a streak if you’re not careful. I did not drill the holes because I didn’t want water to drain out onto the ground, tile, or carpet.

They should come standard with that feature!

Cool idea!! Thanks!

Amen :smiley:

Do you sell the ettore boab? I’d like to try it and buy it from you guys.

I’ll answer for him. Yes they do! Sorry Alex.

Thanks Tony!

Here you go Steve:

i use the pulex boab, but without the detachable clip. i find it rides a bit higher up which is nice. i do find it to be a leg banger, and has on occasion emptied itself while i was crouched down. I also never have tied it to my leg, that is just silly in my opinion.
I do however get used to what i can and cannot do with the Pulex, and just deal with the leg banging and the soaked pants.

You said it Eric - when that pulex emptied on me I nearly threw it through the window.

To make the holes in the Pulex boab get a long nail like a gutter nail that attaches the gutter to the house. Make a bend in the nail maybe a 1/2" from the tip. Heat the nail tip up with a propane torch and melt the holes. When you are done melting holes, let the plastic cool down. Get a file and chip or file the raised melted area off so the inside is to make it smooth again.

Alberto E.:slight_smile: