Tool Talk with Mark the Window Cleaner #25 hd scrubbers


[SIZE=5][B]Scrubbers Available here![/B][/SIZE]


Another great show, Mark! This is exactly the reason I use the Pulex Micro Tiger sleeve.

Thanks, Mark!

Do you find the Pulex to be more effective than the Ettore?

Great job as usual Mark!

I use the Pulex Micro Tiger for exterior commercial. It’s a good sleeve.

For first time exterior residential cleans or a pre-scrub before WFP’ing I use the “Blue Max” scrubber which is awesome for really dirty glass. But the Blue Max is only available at one particular store. If I printed the name of the store it would be bleeped out so I won’t bother saying what store it is.

I use the Pulex Micro Tiger sleeve for all my commercial work. I find the Porcupine has a slight edge on residential exteriors when dealing with pollen.

I’d have to defer to Mark on the porcupine vs MicroTiger as I have never used the porcupine.

It’s a pretty cool sleeve. I know Karl uses it a lot battling that brown rain he has to deal with.