Tool Talk with Mark the Window Cleaner #32 Bottle Holders


Ergo Tec Bottle Holder available here

Great job as usual, Mark!

I love when the different shows reference each other. :slight_smile:

The ErgoTec Bottle Holder is a great tool belt accessory. Mark had mentioned using it to hold your beverage as well as your solution. That reminded me of a product that Unger discontinued for 2009. It was the ErgoTec Can/Bottle holder. Looked very similar but the inside was insulated like a cooler. Not sure why they discontinued it. It was a pretty cool idea. (no pun intended)

Mark, excellent video! I’ve been using the Unger Bottle Holster for several year now. I use a 32 oz. flip top bottle filled with my window cleaning solution for all resi interiors and high end commercial interiors.

The Unger Bottle Holster is a fantastic piece of equipment but it does have one flaw that can be remedied easily. The velcro that fastens the holster onto your belt becomes weak after using it for a while. You’ll then find yourself constantly trying to fasten the holster back onto your belt just to have it come apart again.

Take the holster to an upholstry shop or a shoe shop and have them sew permanent stitches where the velcro is. That fixes the problem. My local shoe shop charged me $5.00 and it was well worth it.

Excellent video mark. The ergo tech pouch is permanently on my belt, i love that thing. I do alternate from a spray bottle to a squeeze bottle, which ever one is full at the time.

It’s amazing something so cheap can be so useful. I use it everyday, inside/outside, commercial, residential.

As usual a great job Mark! I love the part where you say “just throw it on your next order, you won’t even notice”. So true. Good advice!

My final solution for this was to use less water in the bottle, found I used very little on interior and I like the velcro fly and all

Here’s another solution -

I tried that but no luck with it. That’s why I got the loop sewn at the shoe shop.

I use a full 32 oz bottle of solution so it can be a little too heavy for the velcro or even the velcro plus glue.

One thing for sure, the $5.00 worth of stitching did the trick.