Tool Talk with Mark the Window Cleaner #32 -Unger- Spray bottle on a belt -



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Correction: In the video I refer to this product as a ‘bottle on a belt’ system. technically it is called a ‘Sprayer on a belt’ system.

It looks intriguing Mark. I carry mine on the back of my belt and wonder if it can take a few bumps w/out being broken?

These things really took they have been selling like crazy the past few months.

On those occasions I use my Unger SOAB, I clip it to my belt on my right-side ahead of my Unger BOAB.

My first SOAB did break a few years ago where the coiled hose connects below the sprayer. Unger replaced it for free (the replacement’s design looked a little different to me at the time I recall.)

Trouble-free since that time. I do have a backup.

Thats suprising:rolleyes::rolleyes:

I’ve left too many things behind over the years – feeble-minded disease.

You know they have a real name for that — I can’t think of it right now, I must have Alzheimer’s.:confused:

Good job Mark!

I hope Unger is giving you free products to demo/advertise to us.
What about durability? It’s all plastic.

the spraygun looks good as if it sprays more than most sprayers ? what is its range ?. if i bought one id most likely have to fit a smaller,clear plastic bottle to it, as up on the ladder i wouldnt want any weight ,might tip the balance

More? Not sure what you mean.

The range is ~!18 feet.

The capacity at fill line is 946mL. The bottle is fairly lightweight already; I doubt you’d be able to make any significant change by fitting a “smaller,clear plastic” bottle. Just put in less liquid.

im thinking the UNGER might spray an average window in 1 or 2 pulls of the trigger? / recently iv been using a spraybottle i got in a gardening shop, but it takes 5 or 6 pulls of trigger to wet a window and only about 6 foot range only. a better range would mean i could wet a window before climbing the ladder

If you’re climbing a ladder regardless, you should either dunk a washer/t-bar enough to use with a BOAB, or bring the SOAB up there with you.

I had my sprayer on a belt on for 8 hours today, inside and out job with storms, the whole bit. I never thought about the weight of it once.