Tool Talk with Mark the Window Cleaner #38 Unger Universal Adapter



Available Here[/SIZE]

I dont do to much commenting on our video series, but really Love these tool talk videos! I consider it our flagship series… I cant say thank you enough to Mark for putting these together.

Oooooo, me likey!

you can ramble anytime you want with info like that !
I consider it awesome reporting and tool, info inovation. Unger, cool
very nice, off I go to put on the wish list for my next re-supply.

Wow, I might even drag out my ledger again! I decided to stop using it last year, you have brought it life that one.

Keep up the good work Mark !

I’m glad you all like the Tool Talk video series!

The Unger Universal adapter was a real surprise for me. When I first got it I wasn’t sure what I was going to use it for. But after playing with it, just for a few minutes I could see a whole bunch of various tasks and problem solutions.

Thanks Mark!

Good videos as ever mark

. im going to get one of those adapters ,looks handy and well made

that tool looks great. I’m going to have to order a couple of them. Any idea where i can get a couple?:slight_smile: Also, 5 of those sill brushes.


[SIZE=5]Available Here[/SIZE]