"Tool Talk" With Mark The Window Cleaner Episode #2 The Micro Tiger


[SIZE=5][B]MicroTiger Sleeve Available Here![/B][/SIZE]


You’re getting right good with the Videos Mark,

I’ve started using the Tiger with a “Blue Devil” cover now - just as effective as a porcupine & holds more water. The only downside is it starts snagging on squeegee’s for a little while until you get used to it. I cleaned 2000 windows the last 2 days & it only snagged once. And remember to wash the “blue devil” before using.

it’s my main srcubber…love it. 18inch

I have a few Micro Tiger sleeves and love them. Excellent review Mark. You are definitely giving us a bias free look at the tools. Well done!

Best video so far Mark.

Very thorough review, not a hint of bias.

I think Chris should have you review all their products :slight_smile:

Mark - please review the whole range of pivotal T-bars for the next one.

There’s already a few episodes in the can so I’m afraid you’ll have to wait a bit for t-bars. I’ve only got one brand of swivel bar at the moment so I’ll have to look into trying some others.

I’m after one that doesn’t break!