Tool Talk with Mark the Window Cleaner Episode #54 Garelick Pole


Get the Garelick Pole

I agree with you Mark, I have used the Garelick 3 section 8’ when doing commercial work, also great for interior work with limited space issues, it measures about a foot shorter then my Unger 8’ 2 section, and without a doubt is much more ridged.

Here’s a video of the way I modified my Garelick’s for the Ettore (you can do it for Unger too) cones.


I’d just like to say I love this pole more and more with each use. Feels great in the hands and very solid/rigid. And yes, when closed down in it’s shortest position it is shorter than the Unger 2 section which is actually a benefit.

It is a very nice pole. The problem is that I have found that it is not durable. The poles I had both
froze up in a relatively short time. I tried 2 of them; both froze up. I could not repair them so I have a nice looking
pole that cannot be adjusted. I would rather have a bad looking pole that worked. :slight_smile:

As far at the nice end piece used for a handle, it is nice, but it breaks down.

My first 8’s pole lasted a few weeks. My 3 part 12’ pole lasted a few months. If it had a replaceable part it would b

I’ve found a simple flushing of water thru the pole will keep them functioning for years. I have 2 24ft Garelicks and one of them I’ve had for 6 years now and the other for 3. The handle can be replaced w/ the Ettore large grip.

Hmmm…interesting Merv. I’ve had a couple people asking me to review this pole because they swear by it and claim many years of flawless operation. I’ll definitely post any update if I experience any similar problems. I did notice that the pole has instructions to frequently flush out the joints with clean water. i’m sure that may contribute to longevity.

Thanks for sharing your experience.

I have 4 Garelick small poles (8 ft.)
One of them I’ve had for about 12 years… I LOVE that pole!

Unfortunately, the long poles (24 ft) usually only last a season.

My experience is based on only 2 poles. I have a 3 part 12 footer now with one section stuck. The joints fit together tightly. I am not sure what it means to flush
them out.

That’s good to know as mine are all worn out.

I LOVE the 3 section 8’ poles. Much shorter than the 2 section poles so you’re not jabbing things behind you.

Not only are these poles more rigid, they are also larger in diameter, which is easier to grip.

The locks do come loose from time to time. Particularly if you are spinning your scrubber on the glass counter-clockwise. I always have to remember to spin it clockwise to keep the sections tight. But the speed of use easily makes up for the occasional slip. If I’m using a tool (brush or gutter tool) that causes the pole to slip I just use another pole.

I also have the Ettore tips on all my poles, which work great. I wouldn’t use them without the tips.

Plus, I’ve done the BOAB mod for the 2’ pole so I have it hanging on the outside through a PVC coupler. I couldn’t use any other pole this way with the collars.

I personally have never used a Garelick pole but i am writing in response to Marks curiosity with the plastic and wooden cones. It has been my experience that the plastic tips do not hold tools as well AND wear quickly in comparison to wooden cones. Also, wood shrinks and expands due to moisture, when wet the wooden cones become larger, but they are also softer, this allows me to apply a little extra force and the tools stay for me every time.


Hmmmmm, interesting. I’ve pretty much had the exact opposite experience. What tools are you using on it? (the wooden tip)

Hey WWCleaning,

Welcome to the forum…

Say I use both the plastic and the wooden, and they both work equally as well, neither cause a problem for me. The plastic will end up cracking and the wooden will end up not holding a tool on and the wooden threads will end up breaking out, but this will be after years of use for both.

Most things break down after a while…The Garelick will last me for 4 or 5 years or more if I don’t lose one first !

Dangerous Dave

I have used nothing but Garelick’s for 16yrs…in that time I’ve had about 3 poles(24ft) lock up personally. This has happened even after 1 use. We (the company) would have anywhere from 3-5 lock up during the year & we would send them back to our supply company & they would send us new ones. We ordered anywhere from 10k-15k worth of equipment every quarter from them. So, they had quite alot of business from us. But, those poles are great!!

Tony, do you know if one of the two Ettore grips works on the 8’ 3-section pole?

As i said, mine froze up after a short time but that was a long time ago.
If they will guarantee them for 3 years I might buy them again.
They are a very nice pole. I do not like looking at broken poles in my
garage however. They may have changed of course.

I had a twist lock that I bought at a paint store a long time ago that lasted
about 8 years. Most other twist locks have failed in a short time. I have to
go with my experience.

The grip for 3 section Ettore poles is what I use on my Garelicks.