Tool Talk with Mark the Window Cleaner Episode #56 Teleplus Pole

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Teleplus Available Here

mark, you look like a giant in this video! so true about the ettore pole vs. this one. My friend has this pole and I gotta say its hands down the best for its height. I’m getting one of these asap. My pole stays in my garage unless I KNOW I’m going to use it because you simply can’t haul it anywhere. The teleplus don’t have that issue. Thanks big mark!

Nice topic! I bought my first TelePlus pole back in the late 70’s. I had a Janitorial/Window cleaning service at the time. My primary use for the pole wasn’t washing windows.

I had half a dozen attachments for changing light bulbs, high dusting, and wall washing at the car dealerships I use to clean.

Unger makes one attachment with suction cups for flood lamps, another with a spring for regular light bulbs and one with teeth to take out the remains of a broken light bulb.

I use to carry my TelePlus inside my Volkswagen Jetta with my sectional ladder. Just throw it in the trunk…

Nice additional information Mike. Thanks for sharing.

Loved this video!

We can not thank Mark enough for putting these together for the WCR community. In my dream world every product in our store would have a Tool Talk video in the description.

My first wfp! I think I mentioned this before, but there was a way of getting it up to 45 - 50 feet. I think the last section you added the next smallest to it & reversed the clamps. It was too heavy for my liking.

My first WFP was an Unger TelePlus pole as well. Peter Fogwill use to talked about adding a couple extra sections back in the day. You’re right Karl to heavy and way to much flex.