Tool Talk with Mark the Window Cleaner GlassRenu Un boxing #48


GlassRenu Glass Scratch Removal Machine Available Here

Very funny. Thanks for sharing so much over the past couple years. Have a great 2011 Mark and everyone else here.

finally i can see one in operation if i play my cards right…

Hey everybody,

Until further notice, please don’t use GlassRenu on ladders.
Have a happy and safe 2011!
Thank you,

Vic, What happened? We have used the system on ladders since it was developed. Please share your concerns so we can answer.

Hey Cody,

I think he may be referring to a question I asked here.


You bring up a good point about ladders and how to use the GlassRenu System when working from a ladder. This is something that we are going to discuss in our next season of Restoration Revolution.


Certainly will be looked at in my new series as well. :slight_smile:

how effective is this for car windows? I’m guessing because they are curved mostly it can’t be done?

Nothing happened, Cody! I was just worried about ladder safety. We’ve always been told to have three points of contact with the ladder, for safety reasons. Unless you use some kind of harness, it seems to go against the grain, but I don’t know and have no experience.

I’m just just glad to once again be able to read this forum. I thought I lost it there for a while, while they changed servers :wink:
Good luck, Mark, this will be great! The more videos, the better!

I want to know if you have ever taken welding slag off glass with GlassRenu?
Sorry I missed your call, Cole!
Will call you in the morning. Ok?
Thank you, guys!

The system works great on car windows. I am at home right now so I don’t have picks on this box but I will post some awesome car scratch removal before and after pics sent to us from a GlassRenu user tomorrow.

That works for me, my man, but I don’t think I will ever use a ladder to GlassRenu second or third story windows. Little higher than shoulder level on the ground floor, ok. But I’m sure I’m going to have control problems at ground level. But that’s just me :wink: