"Tool Talk" with Mark the Window Cleaner Scraper Mate


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Another Great Video from Mark! This was very interesting to me because of what happened to the product. When we originally hammered out the idea for this show with Mark, I was Pretty firm on strictly honest reviews. And as you can see thats what we have here.


Sorry to see you had a problem w/ the holster Mark. I’ve been using mine w/ the MK-3 angled for about a year w/ no sign of a problem. Even in the cold of winter. Odd, just can’t figure it out.:confused:

There may be a slight difference between using it with an angled MK3 vrs a straight version. Perhaps the angled version allows the more narrow part of the scraper handle to snap into the ScraperMate’s prongs without issue.

Either way, ScraperMate is aware that there is an incompatibility issue here and they don’t recommend pairing of the two.

That’s a good point Mark. When I looked at where it holds the scraper it is closer to the top of the scraper.

I have to disagree. I used the MK3 angled in the scapermate for over a year. It works great. I’m now running with the MK3 straight version, also for over a year, and no problems.

I obviously have to disagree with Mark’s video statements that the scrapermate doesn’t work with Triumph.

The very first Scrapermate I had also broke in half. It was immediately replaced by the supplier.

If you have a wider handled scraper, such as the MK3, then you have to slightly bend open the prongs on your new scrapermate. It takes all of a second to do. I did have to figure this out on my own. Perhaps Scrapermate should include an instructional sheet that states this.

Love my scrapermate. It saves lots of time, which translates into more $$$$$

Yes it would have been nice if Scrapermate had this as a recommendation for using with triumph MK3.

At the time of the review, the manufacturer was aware of some problems using this(MK3) with their product (not just my opinion). Too bad because aside from it breaking in half (which it has done for several people) it was/is a handy product.