Tools desicion

I’m looking to purchase some new gear soon and I need a hand with some stuff. What is the difference between the

I have the three different types of channels and from now on I would only buy the quicksilver channels. The black mamba is good for pole work but nothing else. When you try to fan with it, it pushes the rubber to far from the edge of the window and more detailing is required.
The cobra channels wont fit into an ettore bucket on a belt and I have had lots of issues with the rubber staying where it should in the channel.
The quicksilver on the other hand is a great channel and what I use 95% of the time. You can pole with it no problem. The rubber stays in place, even with a clip in only one side. It fits in all of my BOBs. It fans great and has adjustment for how far you want the rubber to stick out the front of the squeegee.
All of the channels will also fit in a ledger.

Thanks Shine. At the moment I own 4 Cobra channels. They are good but the rubber sticking out the ends gets caught on frames a lot. I’m hoping this is not the cause of bad technique… have to suss out the quicksilvers.
I don’t do any commercial stuff at the moment so I was thinking about buying an angle adaptor as well. Any thoughts on the ettore angle adaptors?