Top 5 Hardest Windows to Clean

i would just pole that 2nd window


I didn’t watch it but I do an elevator shaft with windows facing eachother 6 inches apart. Been doing it 7 years and still can’t figure out how to do the bottom one.

lol of course you didn’t …too cool for that…or too busy :sunglasses:

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I didn’t read your post but why?


I know. You guys are just dieing for me to watch you videos. But I really don’t care to. That’s all.

lol nah skip just a rebel

I know. I know. You guys are really good at poking at people. When a guy like me lashes back at ya ya make a big fuss. But I’m not going to be dragged down by that b.s. anymore so either move on or continue to make yourself look childish. It’s your call buddy.

I was continuing on with the post about hard to clean windows. Not looking for an argument

Couldn’t be bothered to read the last post but this us a call to my underground mafia. You know what to do.


You guys are somethin else

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Good video. Sometimes the hardest ones to reach are hard to show the difficulty on video. I’m guessing the one with the near horizontal ladder had the ladder up against the van or something.

you win ! :yum: