Track cleaning, preventing dirt in mouth

Hello, I’ve been cleaning windows for several years. I routinely get dirt in my mouth after blowing out window tracks, and I was wondering if there might be a way around this. Generally I scrape out the track with a grout brush, and blow the dust out with my mouth. Does anyone know of a good pressurized CO2 canister or possibly an alternative way to get around this issue? Thank you



Yep, cordless vacuum.


Don’t blow…suck. Get a vacuum.

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Definitely a vacuum :+1:t3:

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I used a Dirt Devil handheld vacuum for many years and it still works great, but I also picked up a Dewalt cordless vacuum a couple of years ago. It is so convenient and you can switch the hose from suck to blow if you want to blow out the corners after loosening the debris with a track brush.

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Instructions followed, however I seem to have even more dirt in my mouth with this method!

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