Trade organizations

Are any of you involved with trade organizations? We belong to ITEX and it is a good idea to utilize these services especially in these down times to help offset cash expenditures.

Here’s how it works for those that dont know. I join and people can call me for window cleaning services. I go do the windows and agree to accept trade dollars as payment. (should be trading retail for retail) Now I can take that payment and spend it on services that I need (printing, web design, attorney’s, accountants, vacation etc) What this does is allow me to buy some of the things I need as a business for window cleaning.

One has to be careful not to get to much trade. We keep it balanced and it works very well. It is the oldest form of commerce and it still works today.

I had a dude from there call me 2 years ago. It did not really interest me. I do see some value in it, but not enough.

Man, what timing Draper! I just met a man yesterday that is with ITEX. We have a meeting tomorrow in fact. I was hoping that I’d find something on here about them. I gather from your post that you have had a positive experience with them?!

My only catch so far is the $20/month fee this guy is trying to milk out of me. Is that standard or is he piling it on the top for himself?

Yeah it is standard. You have a 5% cash fee to trade that is how they make money. However if you use it like your supposed to its still a pretty good benefit. The goal is to try and offset as much cash outlay as you can with trade. In our business it is good because you are basically paying for stuff with your time as our overhead is not that much.